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Antoine Donte


AntoineDonte’ (born February 23) is an American contemporary painter, who emerged from the music scene in Atlanta, Georgia. His capabilities span from concept development to design/direction, animation, and illustration. Influenced by various genres of music Antoine Donte’ has managed to successfully build a career by painting legendary entertainers using sophisticated strokes and vivid colors. He brings together opposing styles by taking strong references to the real world of music and synthesizing them with departures from reality. In his hands, Tupac Shakur channels James Dean while, Jimi Hendrix takes the stage with Andre’ 3000.

This influential painter believes in the strength of music and expresses his dedication to the industry through figurative-abstract paintings, murals, and sketches. He has been recognized by artist RL from the group Next, Usher Raymond, and songwriter Crystal Nicole, just to name a few.


Early Life

Antoine Williams was born and raised in Gary, Indiana. He became involved with art in the first grade and at 16 years old relocated to Atlanta, Georgia.


In 2004, he graduated from Georgia Southwestern State University with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts.


AntoineDonte’ began his career working at the world-renowned Fox Theater as a restoration artist; while independently building his reputation as visual artist. In 2007, he began pursuing his own line of business, which included wall murals, canvas paintings, cartoons, and much more.

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